FN303 is a semi-automatic less lethal riot gun designed and manufactured by FN de Herstal.
Still work in progress

Programs Used:3D Studio Max,Substance Painter,Marmoset viewer

The Old Rundown Motel

This is a Scene I did from a concept and added my own feel to it. The hotel is still lived in, but it has seen its better days.
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Z-Brush, Photoshop,Crazy Bump


Disney's Tow Mater

3D model of Tow Mater
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop


Fire Hydrant Prop

Design taken from ref.Hard surface modeling.


Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Z-Brush, Marmoset toolbag, Unreal Editor


Star Wars Characters

Design a Star Wars Snowtrooper and Sand Trooper(before posed on dewback) for freelance toy creation.
Programs Used:Z-Brush

China Town

Design taken from concept
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop


Red Barn

Design taken from concept
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop


Opel Biltz

A model for a Unreal 2.5 mod called the darkest hour.The texture is 1024. (http://www.darkesthourgame.com/)
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop,Headus UvLayout



Bohemia Interactive Simulations

At this company I took models from scratch and fully modeled them and gave them model.cfg and config.cpp to get them completely working in VBS.
Rockwell B1B lancer-
KM900 - (vehicle only)
Alvis Unipower Tank Bridge Transporter and attached bridge -
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop,Substance Painter,VBS

GoldenEye DS

Below are game shots from GoldenEye DS. My job duties on this project included building levels, texturing models, lighting objects, and ingame props.
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop


Hannah Montana:The Movie Game (WII/360/PS3)

Below are in game shots of Hannah Montana:The Movie Game. My job on this project was to build levels, texture models, light objects, and create in game props.
Programs Used:3D Studio Max, Photoshop



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